Semester 2: My TOP 7 Produce 101 Candidate That Need To Be The In The Final Line Up


First of all, i’ve just watched all the episodes of PRODUCE 101 that had been showedtoday (except for eps 5 and 9 -well partially) i try not to be biased but…. you know that it’s a really hard thing to do. So let me get this straight, this is my 11 candidates for Produce 101 final line up (OMG, my hand is shaking so much)


Kim Se Jeong


Age: 20 (Is this korean age? or international?)

First of all, her leadership is something i really look up to. She’s the same age as me (or a year older -i’m not sure) and she kind of remind me of my study group leader back when i was still new to college life. She also have the voice that make me “Wait, She DEFINITELY can sing!” Not to mention her singing remind me of Taeyeon’s (sorry if i’m a little bit biased here, i’m SONE fyi). She’s pretty, well the sweet kind of pretty, and pretty chill too, that’s the thing i really like about her. She really fit girl group image anyway. If she’s going to debut, she need to be the leader and main vocal just like Taeyeon. Or if it’s not happening, she can only be the main vocal.


Ennik Somi Douma/ Jeon Somi


JYP was right when he said Somi has Star Quality in her. She’s just good at every idol thingy, even her individual photo for P101 doesn’t seems awkward at all. I thought she was going to debut with TWICE back then. Because she’s so girlgroup material and always seems to be a part Team Major. But because she’s too young, too bad JYP delay her debut. She’s fucking the same age with my brother.. eh no, my sister. And she’s going through all that trouble to debut, what a determination. She need to be in the final line up, if she’s not this show is screwed. I personally think that she’s going to be like a BOMB maknae if she make the final line up.


Kim Do Yeon


Trust me, she’s IT GIRL material. She’s 17 korean age right? So she’s in the same line as Yeri and Tzuyu if i’m not wrong? Well, Kim Do Yeon to me is really chic. Her latest performance on episode 9 make me think that she’s somehow stand out. Well, she’s actually stand out for me since she’s level up to A class from B class. And she’s from Fantagio (sorry) a small company, but to me she has that SM/JYP trainee kind of vibe (I can’t explain how) I’m not saying that someone that has that kind of vibe is great, but really, i never thought she trained in a small company (Sorry) she should’ve get more recognition. Like i mention before, she’s it girl material. If she made the line up, she really fit to be the charisma of the group . Not ‘face’ i don’t like the term ‘face’ because everyone ‘has face’ but not everyone ‘has charisma’.

(I even change my gravatar picture with her picture, she looks like L from infinite not to mention, i also thought they might be related)




I mean look at how she dance, if she make the line up, she absolutely going to be the dancing machine. Somehow with her presence on the stage, it makes the stage even more… fantastic(?) i can’t even find the right words. But her dance is like a total kill. Oh right, if, again, she make the final line up, she also can be a good candidate for a leader, even though i still prefer Kim Se Jeong. But they’re the same age, so what to do?




She’s the best CUBE trainee for a reason. And her rap skill is the major reason. I find that she doesn’t seems really stand out through out the show. Maybe because at some episode she act a little bit greedy. But who cares, everyone is being greedy when it comes to being stand out. If she doesn’t make the final line up i would think that her talent is such a waste, beside we need an all-kill rapper to balance the group. They’re meant to be a big group right? So they’ll need her.




AGAIN? I really curious in what happen inside Fantagio really. I actually think that she has that star vibe on her. She on the stage and off stage is really different. Like she maybe has an alter ego. When she’s on the stage, she was like OWN IT. So i think that she has to make the final line up. And i actually look up to her too, idk why.




Urgh, finally. I just simply think she need to be include on the final line up. She’s pretty average to me. But if she’s going to make PINKY her stage name i would totally feel bad about that action. I just… i don’t know Pinky sounds tacky to me. If she make the line up, i wish they can change it to Jie. I don’t know.

That’s that. Oh again, i really like this kid


I don’t think she’s ready to debut, yet. But if she debut then it will rose up every girl dream who has no talent like me to be in a girl group someday. Well, i’m not saying i want to be in a girl group.


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