[Semester: 3] So Many Ideas, So Little Time


So, I realize that my mind work like a roller coaster…

Been a long time since the last time I post something here, I havent update shits here ever since…. September I suppose. I guess because I have a bad internet access ever since I go to college, and it’s easier to post with my smartphone, and i’d rather update my Instagram or wattpad since it’s more smartphone friendly.

Talking about Wattpad, yes I have a wattpad account, but I guess nobody care, cause ‘why though?’ I haven’t update shits there too and I have so many ideas but I haven’t got the time to manifest it into a proper stories.

It’s just ideas, ideas, and ideas, I haven’t got the concrete storyline in my head. I have story ideas starting from a simple high school love story, the kind of lovestory i’ve always longed in my life, mysteries, to wizarding world stories, I even think about makin’ a story like Heroes the TV series back in 2009. But i haven’t got the storyline in my head, i’m having a writers block tbh, idk what’s happening to me, it stressing me so hard that I can’t write as confident as I used to be.

Semester break will be in two weeks, I hope I can be more productive and much much much less lazy. lmao

Oh, and here’s ideas i haven’t had the time to write into proper stories (idk if I’ll make them, I’ll probably busy fangirling or just reading so many books for next semester book reports)

Ideas List:

  1. The Strange Dissapearance of The So-called Popular Girls – (idk, but I imagine Minhyung (Mark the NCT member not the GOT7 one) and Jungkook as the main characters, good thing I have thinking about the title, I also have the storyline in my head but I haven’t done enough research to write about it so I’m not quiet confident)
  2. …(I haven’t had the title but I got the storyline in my head, it’s about two witches from china, I imagine Xiao (The Cheng Xiao from WJSN) and Jieqiong (Pinky) as the main character in my head, yet, i haven’t had the storyline, it’s still really blur in my head but i’m gonna make it anyway)
  3. The Bookstore (It’s not the fixed title, i just got the ideas a few days ago, the main character is my lovely Doyeon, it’s still about the witch thingy, yeah i’m on my mood to write fantasy stories. I just had the slight main idea in my head but I haven’t got the storyline, and it’ll probably have some connection with ideas number 2)
  4. Before We Go (Yes! It’s like a canon fic with IOI members, you know what kind of story it will be, since a lot of people has made that kind of story, I will probably pulled this from the back of my head, it’s not that original anymore)
  5. I guess that’s all as of for now.

I need to go make a paper, so bye random people. Saranghae to the moon and back!

Broken English, Himrasaki


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Currently studying in college, never stop imagining though.

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